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Image if the Raspcontrol Logo

If you have a RaspberryPi one of the things you may like to do with it, is monitor what it is doing. You can do this with just a couple of scripts witten in python, or you can use a package called Raspcontrol.

Raspcontrol is an application written in PHP and HTML that you can place onto your RaspberryPI and then access via any web browser.

I have only  been using this for a few days, but it is a nice and simple to use.

There are one or two issues however. Active development seems to have stopped in the middle of last year and the version you can download from the git-hub repository has one or two bugs, but they are very easy to fix and then you have and excellent way to monitor your RaspberryPi from afar.

To get this onto your RaspberryPi just follow the instructions from the repository here :

Fixes to some problems

Out of the box, the software is checking for your connection over WiFi. If your RaspberryPi is connected to WiFi then you have no problems and can just continue to use the app.

If you use a wired connection like me, then you will need to modify one file to make this work.

Find the file “_network.php” on my device this lives


Then edit this file by changing the line

$dataThroughput = exec("ifconfig wlan0| grep RX bytes", $out);

To read

$dataThroughput = exec("ifconfig eth0 | grep RX bytes", $out);

Save this file back to your RaspberryPi and go back to the site and you will see how much data has passed through your device!


An example of the Raspcontrol dashboard
An example of the Raspcontrol dashboard

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