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Personal Weather Station & RaspberryPi

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Over the Christmas period I have been setting up a Maplin USB Wireless Weather station that is connected to my RaspberryPi using PyWWS drivers.

Weather Underground PWS IENGLAND538

My RaspberryPi uploads the raw data to the Weather Undergrounds Personal Weather Station site (PWS for short). Above you can see the current live readings from my weather station.

Setting it all Up

To get this running, I used an existing SD Card image provided by Dragon Tail Mapping (RPi Prebuilt Image – This just meant I had to plug in the weather station and follow the instructions to initialize it.

After writing the image to the SD Card there was only a few housekeeping jobs to do like expanding the image to fill the SD Card and updating the weather.ini file with my Wunderground weather station ID and password.

I am not yet doing anything more fancy with it, but I do hope to create my own PWS site with the updates stored independently from any other site.

Head over to my weather underground station page ->

RaspberryPi and Weather Station
RaspberryPi and Weather Station

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