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Raspberry Pi – Touchscreen and Camera Module

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Thanks to my good friend Karl over at I now have a touch screen and camera module for my Raspberry Pi. So this got me thinking about what you can so with this advanced kit.

Touch Screen

One of the uses I am going to use the touch screen for is as a number entry pad for my DIY alarm system. I am going to design a graphical number pad that will allow me to arm and disarm the system by entering a code.

Other uses will be to show a ticker of recent emails, twitter posts and other rss based updates. This would then give-way to the number-pad when touched.

Camera Module

For my alarm system I will be using the camera to capture images and videos of people who set off the alarm. I may also use it as a face detection system to allow disarming of the system by simply looking into the camera.

I will be posting tutorials both here and over at Class Think over the next couple of days and weeks/.


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