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Raspberry Pi: Vocal Intruder Warning System Project – Part 2

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Over on ClassThink.com I have posted a new part to my Vocal Intruder warning system, adding in photo capture of the person/thing that moved passed the PIR.

For this we are using the fantastic Raspberry Pi Camera modules. The camera costs around £20 and plugs into one of the special sockets on the Raspberry Pi. This socket connects straight into the Graphics Card (GPU) so it has excellent response times (Amazon / CPC Farnel).

Project Part 1 – http://www.classthink.com/

Project Part 2 – http://www.classthink.com/



Getting Started With Part 2

For this project I will assume you have already followed the original vocal intruder project, so will only cover the extra setup required to get the camera working in the project.

First ensure your camera is connected as per the official instructions and video.

Adding the new Python librarys

On the Raspberry Pi, either via SSH or directly connected, enter the following commands:

Please go and take a look : http://www.classthink.com/2014/03/19/raspberry-pi-vocal-intruder-warning-system-project-part-2/

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