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Home Automation using Raspberry Pi

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Taking the Home Automation further

I have been using the Pi-Mote all summer to control a fan and a light, but I want more from my Pi Home Automation setup. So I am taking this further. In this series of posts I will detail what I am doing, any pitfalls and the ultimate results. I will be using various hardware and various pre-existing solutions to get the results I want.

Plug Sockets and motion detection

In a previous post I have shown how you can get your Raspberry Pi to make a noise and notify you if an attached PIR detects motion. Now I have the Pi-Mote kit I will be adding the PIR to that setup so that I can have a light switch on if somebody walks through my hall way. It will then turn off 5 minutes later – with the timer resetting each time motion is detected.

I am also going to get hold of the small 2.8″ PiTFT Touch screen as this will be a part of my overall project that will allow me to control various parts of the system.

I also have a 10″ touchscreen that will act as a master control point for the full system with control over the home stereo, TV etc.

Part List

  • 2 x Raspberry Pi (Model B/B+ for the USB’s)
  • PIR Sensor
  • Adafruit PiTFT Touch Screen (UK / USA)
  • 9″-10″ Touchscreen (HDMIPi for example)
  • Breadboards
  • Energenie Pi-Mote Starter Kit (UK)

This list will probably grow as the project kicks in and I add more features.

I will be posting the first part shortly – “Getting Started with the Energenie Pi-Mote Kit”


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