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MyPiFi LCD Board support for Raspberry Pi – Kickstarted

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I have just backed another worthy looking project on Kickstarter. Called the MyPiFi LCD Board support for Raspberry Pi it gives a simple way of connecting different LCD Screen modules to your Raspberry Pi.

I’ve reached out the the project owner for a few words and he has given me this:

It’s an inexpensive add on board that works on all pi s, giving the user the ability to quickly add a hd44780 LCD screen to their project. I have added reward options for a 2×16 and a 4×20 character screen so anyone wanting one can get it all as a kit.

It comes in kit form with extended gpio header to allow for extra things to be be added like a temperature gauge and the great thing is no more breadboard wires falling out or coming loose as you can just plug the board in and get going and if you don’t like a particular screen, swap it for another.

Many many thanks this is really appreciated.

Paul Brown

And now I’ll let kickstarter do the talking:

Back this!

If you have some spare cash, please consider backing this project. It will make prototyping with different LCD screens easier and faster.


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