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Raspberry Pi – 7″ Touchscreen Module

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Earlier this month the Raspberry Pi Foundation released an official 7″ capacitive touch screen for the Raspberry Pi. This is currently in a unique position as it is the first screen to use the DSI interface. This is a ribbon cable interface that allows direct connection to the Graphics Processor in the Raspberry Pi.

Normally screens have connected to the HDMI, Analog port of the GPIO pins.

This display works similar to the GPIO mounted screens – but leaves all the pins available for use (including Raspberry Pi HATS).

I have used one to create an interactive digital photo-frame.

Raspberry Pi 7" touchscreen

Here you can see I have a photo slideshow running, with clock and date widget and a weather widget.

This is all done in HTML5 and JQuery (with a little PHP to grab all the photos in a directory).

Currently – the page is running on an off-site web-host, but I will be installing Apache and PHP on to the Pi so I can run it without the internet.

The internet would still be required for the weather forecast widget, so since I have superfast broadband at home and a good WI-FI signal, running off-site is not an issue.

In the next post, I will go through the code I used for this, without the weather widget as that is a premium widget I purchased from Code Canyon.

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