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PaPiRus – First Evening

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I would like to thank Pi-Supply for the gift that came through the post today.

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What was in the package?

They kindly supplied me with a PaPiRus HAT and Large e-ink screen. They also supplied me with their custom case to hold it together. I supplied my own Raspberry Pi 2 (I have a few laying around).

The screen came with all the components to mount it to the Raspberry Pi, including some mounting stickers to hold the screen down to the HAT. This included four micro buttons that you can solder up to the HAT to provide some interactivity to your setup. I will be using all four when I convert my code over the next few nights.

The case came with some plastic button pressers, so you can use the buttons through the case, keeping the fragile screen safe from harm.

The Case

The case is a two part plastic part formed, part laser cut design. It has an internal support to hold the pi firmly in place without the need for legs or spacers. The memory card is not accessible once the case is put together. So ensure it is formatted and SSH is enabled before you put the case together.

The button pressers you get with the case where a little tight on the case I received. However after a little tweaking, I managed to get them working so you can press the HAT’s buttons.

The HAT and Screen

The HAT fits the standard form factor and sits on top of the Raspberry Pi without much fuss. If you are going to use the buttons, you should use the supports included, otherwise the HAT sits too low and does not quiet reach the button pressers.

The screen comes detached from the HAT and you attach it to the HAT by the ribbon cable, this was a breeze once I realised I pull the clip up and not out!

Getting Started

Pi-Supply have a one line installer, that downloads a script and runs to install all the required software required to run the screen and HAT. This took less then 10 minutes on my Raspberry Pi 2 on a fresh install of Raspbian Stretch. I do like a no fuss installer as it means I can be sure that all the bits are where they should be.

I then copied the “Hello World” Sample python script and ran it.

In conclusion

I am very impressed so far with the HAT, Screen and Software. The case was a little bit of fiddle opening it and putting it back together, but it is a tight fit so that is a bonus as it should not just fall apart.

I will be posting frequently as I go through amending my code to run on the PaPiRus.

PaPiRus Hat and Large Screen

PaPiRus Hat Case

Raspberry Pi 3


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