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Over the past few days I have been converting my “Speedtest-cron” code to work on the PaPiRus from PiSupply. Whilst going over the code, I decided to start a new Git Repository and rename this version to “PaPiRus Netapp”.

So without further ado, I bring you PaPiRus Netapp.

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You can download this from my Git Hub Repository:


  • Find Raspberry Pi’s on your network
  • Run a speed test of your internet connection
  • Show a graph of your past speed test results

Using PaPiRus Netapp

  • sudo apt-get install python-matplotlib python-nmap
  • sudo pip_install speedtest-cli
  • sudo pip install ipgetter
  • sudo pip install matplotlib
  • git clone
  • cd papirus-netapp
  • python


If you have any problems running this, or if you have any comments – please use the comments below, or tweet me @TalkTechDOTinfo

2 Replies to “PaPiRus Netapp

  1. Thanx for this Vince!!

    I have a couple of notes:
    1) i tried this on a raspbian from mid-year, a number of hiccups:
    1) had to also install pexpect & nmap.
    2) scan4ip didn’t work.
    3) speedtest didn’t work.
    2) i then burned a new/latest raspbian, still a few hiccups:
    1) had to install pexpect.
    2) speedtest didn’t work.
    scan4ip worked (after I changed the ip addr range 😉

    Also, in your list of installs, there is a typo “sudo pip_install speedtest-cli” the underscore between pip & install shouldn’t be there (a little thing).

    Your scan4ip works now where the original authors didn’t for me…

    This is a nice little appl for showing multiple operations and showing off the PaPiRus!!!

    Thanx again, so much appreciate your work!!!!


    1. Hi Jeff,

      I created both versions of, the original one was only a very quick script to serve my needs and I did not do any code cleanup. However I would be interested to know what issues you found so I can improve the code.

      I am looking to add more things as variables to make them easier to spot and change in future. I will add pexpect and nmap to the list of installs to ensure people know they are required.

      I only tested this on Raspbian Stretch (September release). So if you can remember some of the issues, I will see about working around them.

      When I do the next push I will update the typo, along with a 1 line installer to hopefully catch and install all the prerequisites.

      I am glad you like the scripts – please keep an eye on the repo as I plan to add another feature in the coming weeks that I hope people will also find useful.

      Best Regards,


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