PaPiRus Netapp - Advanced Menu

PaPiRus Netapp – Updated with Headless Mode

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I have been working over the past few days to add some more features to the appliance and to clean up some of the code to make it run a little better.


  • Install script
    • Run sudo ./
    • this will install all the Python Libraries you need to run the appliance
  • Advanced Menu
    • You can now reboot and power off the Appliance from the screen. No need for a keyboard, mouse, screen or SSH connection
  • Code cleanup
    • I have cleaned up bits of the code to make it easier to read and understand what is happening.

To Do

PaPiRus Netapp - Advanced Menu
PaPiRus Netapp – Advanced Menu

In the next week or so I will be adding a few more features, including IPv6 support. This will allow you to scan for IPv6 devices on your network.

  • IPv6
  • Better button response
  • Code improvement

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