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FullpHAT – connect 2 pHATs

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Alex Eames of Raspi.TV is  back with a new bit of hardware for your Raspberry Pi. the FullpHAT is a HAT sized add-on that will allow you to run two pHAT's at the same time!

RasPiO Full pHAT lets you…  connect two pHATs to your Pi and still use spare GPIO ports connect a pHAT + a HAT to your Pi and still use spare GPIO ports break out the Pi GPIO ports multiple times with large, clear labels …so it opens up a lot of possibilities for combining boards into a project. This photo shows a RasPiO InsPiRing driver board and a Pimoroni inkyphat on a RasPiO FullpHAT. 

Alex Eames – Raspi.TV

Alex is currently crowd-funding the board through his shop. Please do give it a look!

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