About Me

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314373_10150363296952412_1362623974_nWell, lets start at the beginning. I’m Vincent (or Vince) and I am thirty something years old and I now live in Ipswich. I’m still getting to know the area but I do like the fact that I’m a very short train ride away from the east coast.

I enjoy spending time with my family and going out to watch a movie or two. When I’m not out and about you will normally find me sitting in front of my computer surfing the web or trying to take over the world from in front of it.

I currently work for Civica on their Keystone Helpdesk as 3rd line support. I provide help and support on using the Keystone system that is used in a browser or on a tablet (Windows or Android). I also provide debugging support when it will not play ball.

I have previously worked full time as an IT Consultant making sure the HR and Pension systems don’t blow up or delete everybody’s details. During this work 1 week a month I also handled the call out for these systems.

I also enjoy spending time doing website coding, but can’t design a website to save my life. But I have a good source of designs – Jo

Work Life Skills and Knowledge:

Oracle SQL, DB2, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Peoplecode, SQR, Unix Shell, Tivoli monitoring, Python

Home Life

During the evening, I will either be watching TV, playing games on the PS3, XBOX360, PC, writing code for several websites (including my own) or taking phone calls from friends and family helping with their technical problems and queries (nothing like bringing your work home with you!).

I have recently started playing with the Raspberry Pi and have written several example scripts for interfacing with cameras, PIR’s and other plug in modules.

I enjoy helping with back end coding of websites in languages like PHP, ASP, SQL, CSS, HTML and XML.

Skills and Knowledge:

Raspberry Pi, Python, PHP, ASP, SQL, Windows 95-7, Hotmail, Gmail, Gmail Apps, iPhone setup/Modification, Laptop/Desktop hardware fixing/upgrading.