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RasPiO InsPiRing – Pac-Man chase light

Alex Eames of RasPi.TV designed and produced an excellent digital LED kit for microboard computers like the Raspberry Pi and Arduino called the RasPiO InsPiRing. This controller and LED combination allows you to learn how to control digital LED’s like the popular “NeoPixel”. This uses similar LEDs to that of the NeoPixel based sets. I backed the project on […]

PaPiRus Netapp Menu

PaPiRus Netapp

Over the past few days I have been converting my “Speedtest-cron” code to work on the PaPiRus from PiSupply. Whilst going over the code, I decided to start a new Git Repository and rename this version to “PaPiRus Netapp”. So without further ado, I bring you PaPiRus Netapp. You can download this from my Git […]